Sanjay Kaul - President, People's Action

Sanjay is a marketing strategist and communications expert. He worked on an election campaign for a major political party in 1999 and developed a multi pronged, multi disciplinary nation wide strategy for the Party. Started public advocacy with a campaign against rampant cheating by autos in Delhi in 2002: created a Distance Chart to empower residents, which led to formation of People's Action , a registered advocacy group in 2003. He federated Delhi's local resident councils in a historically successful advocacy campaign to resist tariff increases by distribution companies post privatisation of the state power utility in 2005 and forged a permanent union of local resident councils under an umbrella body called United RWAs Joint Action [URJA] which is today a network of over 850 associations across the state of Delhi.

Sanjay ran a year long powerful campaign to enlist voters in a newly settled suburb of Delhi and notched a record in post Independence India with close to 100,000 voters enlisted during the period and used the groundwork in electoral reform to fashion a new grammar for politics by choosing a candidate through a ‘primaries' process for state elections in Gurgaon in 2005. He was featured in Limca Book of Records as well as received nomination in the India Today group's Today newspaper 2004 for the feat. Initiated nation wide stir against reservations by organising a students group in Delhi University called United Students in 2006. The group is today working to develop quality student leadership in the university. Organised the victims of Blueline Buses in Delhi to form an Association and seek compensation, jobs from Government and took the issue to court. Court ordered relief in the case with fines being transferred to victims' families.

Sanjay has featured on over 100 Television shows and over 200 articles in national and state media on issues ranging from electoral reform, civil society movements, agitations, advocacy and federation of public opinion on crucial issues. Sanjay was one of the eight finalists of the Lead Indian Campaign launched by the ‘Times of India' media group as a future leader of the country in 2007. He is also an Invitee Member of the UN Global Compact, India Chapter.