Sustaining RWC to strengthen local self government :

People’s Action took the initiative of involving RWAs in creating a Residents Ward Committee in their wards as a means of addressing the local elected representative in a more comprehensive and powerful manner.

The usual style of talking to RWAs individually simply makes the Councilors stronger to play one RWA against the other. This practice is so rampant that the favourite criticism of elected representatives is that RWAs are disunited and fractured. To counter this, URJA and People’s Action is pressing for a formal acknowledgement by MCD of such Resident Ward Committees (RWC) that has been formed by the RWAs among themselves in each ward. By doing this, we will ensure that there is no conflict between different RWAs and between groups within the same RWA. We have suggested that the Councilor will be an automatic member of this body and that there have to be at least one meeting of this group every two months at a minimum. We have also proposed that the RWC will be listed with MCD as a formal consultation group and will be renewed every year to involve new members.