Gurgaon Resident Party - 2005 Campaign :

In January 2005, People’s Action facilitated the creation of the Gurgaon Resident’s Party and organized a ‘primaries’ for selection of a candidate. The candidate was ‘elected’ by the representatives of various RWAs of the constituency and was later fielded as a candidate in the State elections form the legislative assembly seat for Gurgaon. This process became the first example of a transparent and scientific system of candidate selection in Indian political history that was designed to reject the corrupt practices such as ‘purchasing tickets’ or cronyism that have crept into the system. GRP candidate takes 4% of the Vote in the Gurgaon Assembly Elections. The effort gets a mention in the Limca Book of Records along with a nomination of GRP and People’s Action members by TODAY newspaper as finalists in a competition to decide change makers for 2004.