Ser P-1 Issue Committee in-charge Other team members
1 Infrastructure development

Electricity & Water


Parks and EnvironmentCommunity Centres

Cremation grounds

Kishore Asthana

PK Sabhlok

Col Man Singh

Sudhir Kapoor
JN Mangla
Dev Chopra

Sudhir Kapoor

Avinash Chawla,
Col Man Sisngh
2 Transport (vehicular) and traffic mgmt Kishore Asthana JN Mangla            Col SK Dutt
3 Railways incl metro RK Jain VK Srivastava
4 Education (Primary & higher) Kishore Asthana Col Man Singh
5 Health (Primary and secondary healthcare Kishore Asthana  
6 Security (Law and order and investigation) Gen Satbir Singh Col BK Dhawan
7 Disaster management Gen Satbir Singh Col BK Dhawan
8 Culture and recreation including sports Comdr SS Yadav Sudhir Kapoor
9 Religious sites   Dr Lal Singh Yadav
10 Old city and municipality area issues Harjinder Singh JN Mangla &          Col Ratan Singh
11 Apartment owners' issue, including cooperative group housing societies Mr R.K Huda,
Col BK Dhawan
and Cmdr SS Yadav
12 Village Development and housing for the poor Col Ratan Singh Dev Chopra and     Lal Singh
13 Senior Citizens affairs PK Sabhlok Cmdr SS Yadav
14 Commercial development markets and malls JN Mangla  
15 Industry and issues connected with industries JN Mangla Harjinder Singh
16 Information coordination and media Col Kr Pratap Singh Avinash Chawla &   Dr Lal Singh
17 Governance structure G2C Prem Sabhlok Dev Chopra and      Avinash Chawla
18 Senior Citizens issues PK Sabhlok Cmdr SS Yadav
19 Individual RWA issues and JAFRA membership drive Col Ratan Singh RK Huda, Col Ram Singh, Cmdr SS Yadav and RP Yadav
20 Fund raising Sudhir Kapoor          
JN Mangla
21 Wine shops in residential shopping areas VK Srivastava  
22 Finance Prem Subhlok Dr Lal Singh
23 HUDA East Cmdr SS Yadav KP Sharma           Sudhir Kapoor
24 HUDA West Col Man Singh Col Biraj Arora      RP Yadav
25 HUDA South (Sohna) VK Srivastava  
26 Society and Tours RK Jain Cmdr SS Yadav
27 DLF Condominurs Sudhir Kapoor Col RK Dhawan
28 Old City Harjinder Singh Sh Goel
29 Govt & Civil Authority Liaison Col Rattan Singh Sh BK Huda, Sh Kishore Asthana, JN Mangla, Col Kr Pratap Singh (Secy Gen) Maj Bhatia 
30 Seware, Solid Waste Depot Col Man Singh Cmdr Ram Singh   Rao Lal Singh
31 Press Media Col Kr Pratap Singh Rao Lal Singh