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January 2008: People's Action organises a people's Inauguration of the RTR Flyover which had been kept on hold for want of a VIP to inaugurate it, in spite of inconveniencing thousands of commuters every day. Members of People's Action along with URJA members cut the ribbon and ‘officially' inaugurate the flyover and declare it open.

April 2008: HCBS, now renamed Bus Rapid Transport [BRT] opens for trials and is immediately a failure. Interminable jams, slow bus speeds question the very purpose of a scheme that had earlier failed in Pune. People's Action organizes a public protest against the hare-brained scheme and fuels debate on whether these projects are for the people, or for personal profit of politicians.

June 2008: People's Action initiates a campaign to establish Ward Committees with a view to aligning RWAs along Assembly Constituency lines. This campaign aligns RWAs within each ward to forge Committees made of their members who then conjoin with other wards within each Assembly segment a form an Assembly Committee.

August 2008: The three month campaign concludes with the creation of Committees in 35 Assembly constituencies, or half of Delhi 's political constituencies and a hierarchy is created for effective coverage amnd administration of the network. One of the first tasks for the Committees is to work to make the upcoming URJA Convention and AGM a success.

September 2008: People's Action launches a new insignia and design for the URJA logo and this is unveiled at the URJA Convention. The Convention is the biggest congregation of RWAs with over 500 delegates from across the city. The full day programme is attended by the MCD top brass and leaders of both main line political parties. The second half of the day is covered by presentations by environment activists, power experts and RTI activists. The convention passes a resolution to make the Resident Ward Committees mandatory.

November 2008: President of People's Action and URJA Chairperson Sanjay Kaul joins a major political party of India . The 10-member URJA Senate is formalized with temporary charge and a new command is put in place to operate through consensus. The Senate consists of one member from each of the seven zones of URJA and three representative members from People's Action.

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Gurgaon Resident Party:2005 Campaign
Delhi Municipal Elections:2007 Campaign
Sustaining RWC:2008 Campaign

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"It makes little sense to expect individuals to behave differently from their peers; it is more appropriate to seek a general change in behavioural norms and in the circumstances which facilitate their adoption."
- Shyam Mittal

"The current social, occupational, and national inequalities in ‘standard of living’ will not be much influenced by education, for they reflect the way that societies are organized. We already know what is desirable..."
-Sunil Kumar

“… living in a poor locality, worse education, unsatisfying work or actual unemployment, and reduced social approval and self-esteem. In turn this constellation of deprivations leads to a wide range of unhealthy behaviours...”
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