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Who we are : People's Action is an advocacy group set up in 2002- 03 with the express intent of impacting governance at all levels within the state of Delhi and the National Capital Region [NCR] of Delhi. People's Action is registered under the Societies Act of 1860 bearing Registration No.: S 44209

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RWAs grill MCD top brass on Property Tax confusion : Leader of the House, Subhash Arya clarifies on 9-point representation. Buses in BRT corridor travel at 10 kmph at peak times on working days - slower than a Tonga! Delhi learnt nothing from Pune BRT: same story, same situation, same people behind the mess.
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Action Issues - Campaign
Electricity/power tariff issues
Sealing/demolition/city planning
Blueline Buses/HCBS
Auto-rickshaw/Taxi overcharging
Electoral Reforms
Saving the Yamuna/CW Games
Plastic Free Delhi

Political Advocacy:
Gurgaon Resident Party:2005 Campaign
Delhi Municipal Elections:2007 Campaign
Sustaining RWC:2008 Campaign

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People Speak
"It makes little sense to expect individuals to behave differently from their peers; it is more appropriate to seek a general change in behavioural norms and in the circumstances which facilitate their adoption."
- Shyam Mittal

"The current social, occupational, and national inequalities in ‘standard of living’ will not be much influenced by education, for they reflect the way that societies are organized. We already know what is desirable..."
-Sunil Kumar

“… living in a poor locality, worse education, unsatisfying work or actual unemployment, and reduced social approval and self-esteem. In turn this constellation of deprivations leads to a wide range of unhealthy behaviours...”
-Dr. Dutt  

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     People's Action : A Growth Chart of our work experience                                                                                                             

People’s Action comes into existence with campaign against overcharging by auto-rickshaws in Delhi: Registered as a Society under Societies Act. Releases Distance Chart. Delhi Govt. forced to adopt Chart. Autos go on strike. Govt. buckles and raises tariff without securing compliance. People’s Action retreats to Gurgaon and begins experiment to confederate civil society groups. Calls first ever RWA Convention in Gurgaon and federates them into a cohesive unit.

People’s Action involves itself in electoral reforms issue. Calls an NGO meet to discuss steps. Organises the biggest ever voter registration in recent history of the country: over 1 Lakh new voters register in Gurgaon during the year-long campaign. Organizes the first ever Political Convention of RWAs in Gurgaon and argues for the concept of New Politics. Incubates a city-centric political party in Gurgaon. The GRP [Gurgaon Residents Party] becomes the first party in India to undertake formal Primary Elections for candidate selection.

GRP candidate takes 4% of the Vote in the Gurgaon Assembly Elections. The effort gets a mention in the Limca Book of Records. TODAY newspaper nominates GRP and People’s Action members as finalists in a competition to decide change makers for 2004. People’s Action is invited by Delhi RWAs to intervene in power tariff. Calls the first ever Independent RWAs Convention. Pilots resolution to launch a civil disobedience movement against tariff hike. On September 1st, government buckles, withdraws tariff hike. RWAs of Delhi confederate and URJA [United RWAs Joint Action] is born.

People’s Action takes studied view of the sealing and demolitions issue and holds RWAs and Market Associations together on the issue. People’s Action launches students’ wing, United Students [US]. US launch the campaign against caste based reservation from a cafe in Connaught Place. The movement spreads and US fights DUSU Elections in September, secures third position for post of President. People’s Action forges an alliance of NGOs in Delhi, calls it NDPA [New Delhi People’s Alliance] to work on issues of common concern. NDPA intervenes in Master Plan 2021 and the Metro issue. People’s Action scripts RWAs intervention in Municipal Elections in Delhi through a proprietary candidate selection process.

RWAs make history: throw up clean candidates for municipal elections. Independents secure 4 -8% votes in many of the 23 wards where RWAs support local candidates. People’s Action re-organizes Gurgaon operations, forges JAFRA [Joint Action Forum of Residents Associations] under local leadership. People’s Action launches Save Yamuna Campaign to protect river-bed from Commonwealth games structures. Joins activists to file writ on the issue. CORPA [Corporate People’s Action] takes birth, with growing support among corporates in the progressive schemes of People’s Action. Public spirited advocates join to forge LA [Legal Action] as a support group from People’s Action. People’s Action takes up Blueline Bus deaths in Delhi, moves Court. The group opposes HCBS/BRT project as a pipe dream to satisfy a corrupted lobby of bureaucrats and politicians.

People’s Action organises a people’s inauguration of the RTR Flyover which had been kept on hold for want of a VIP to inaugurate it, in spite of inconveniencing thousands of commuters every day. HCBS - now renamed Bus Rapid Transport [BRT] - opens for trials and is immediately a failure. People’s Action organizes a series of public protests against the hare-brained scheme and fuels debate on whether these projects are for the people, or for personal profit of politicians. In June, People’s Action initiates a campaign to establish Resident Ward Committees [RWC] with a view to aligning RWAs along political constituency lines. The 3- month campaign concludes with the creation of Committees in 35 Assembly constituencies. People’s Action launches a new insignia for URJA and the logo is unveiled at the URJA AGM Convention in September.

The Lead India campaign by the Times of India group which threw up 8 finalists from Delhi were invited to last year’s URJA Convention. Six of the eight finalists of the Lead India campaign join People’s Action. In April the group launches the Eco-Bags Exchange [EBX] programme to counter the proliferation of plastic bags in the NCR after the High Court direction to ban low-grade plastic bags. EBX bags Mother Dairy business; makes available organic bags at all Mother Dairy outlets in Delhi and parts of NCR. In June. PACT launches a path-breaking new project to open sports clubs in slum clusters across Delhi. Nav Yuvak Khel Association [NYKA] was launched in June and has 30 centres operational by the year end. In August, People’s Action involved itself in support of the campaign against introduction of BT Brinjal. The year-end saw positive impact of the campaign and the issue is increasingly becoming a hot potato for the government. The year ends with a PACT team meeting with the Mayor to finalise introduction of Resident Ward Committee [RWC] regime in Delhi.

The team that carried out the NYKA agenda last year was reconstituted into a new youth volunteer group called Volunteer Association [UVA] in the first quarter of the year. People's Action initiated a campaign against the wasteful expenditure on the Commonwealth Games arguing that a similar amount could transform Delhi's qualitative needs. ‘Pehle Makaan Fir Mehmaan’ [First a Home, Then the Guests] was initiated and carried forward by members of UVA who met MLAs of Delhi and petitioned against the games. Mid year, People's Action was engaged by HelpAge India, an age-related NGO to collaborate in streamlining senior citizen associations across major cities of India. A campaign to petition for increasing number of Sainik Schools in the country was initiated by UVA in the second half of the year. Mayor of Delhi addressed URJA State Council on the formation of Resident Ward Committees. PACT initiates dialogue on RWA reforms. Credibility Alliance, a specialist audit for NGOs discusses possibilities of introducing standards for RWA functioning.

People's Action is admitted as member of the United Nations Global Compact. In April a landmark is achieved. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi under the authority of the Mayor accepts the Resident Ward Committee scheme. People's Action signs MoU with the MCD to assist in implementing the scheme in all 272 wards of Delhi. RWC website launched. Gurgaon gets its first Municipal Corporation and People's Action is invited to present the RWC concept to Municipal members. MCD enlarges scope of RWC to include RWAs of unauthorized colonies. Power regulator DERC approves a power tariff hike under pressure from private power distribution companies. People's Action opposes the move, mobilizes RWAs under URJA asking for a CAG audit and bringing these companies under RTI. URJA organizes a Walkathon across Delhi to petition all 70 Delhi MLAs. Led by Sanjay Kaul, members of URJA walk over 400 kilometres over 23 days, to complete the Walkathon. URJA takes the matter to Court.

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